Friday, June 22, 2007


GAHHH!!! you go out with someone for two days and you get compare/called to/ an egotistical jerk! people need to mind there own business and stay out of other people's. And curtin people need to stop being so fucking pessamistic it's really pissing me off if i want to talk to you ill fucking talk to you other wise leave me the hell alone. and no i dont like you like that i just want to be friends isnt that good enough for you? why cant i make you happy? anything and everything i do makes you depressed maybe you should get that checked out you bi-polar son of a bitch! if i dont want to be in a relationship with you just except it there are other prefectly good women out there and i dont there are one that are better looking then me.

*sigh* ive had a bad week. first Tom comparing me to Chase because I broke up with kyle over a fucking texted message so that was a bad move on my part so sue me! Tom needs to mind his business. And then there is kyle I love that boy but sometimes he makes me want to rip off his little pessamistic balls and shove them down his throat. he was to talk to me and just because i told him it probly wouldnt be right away because ive got alot of shit i need to do he atomaticlly thinks it's never going to happen and that the fucking world is goin to come to end. God forrbid i dont talk to him or his life will go to shit.

that was a good rant i feel some what better now.